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"Augusta X-Ray film recycling"
We provide x-ray film recycling in Augusta, GA and and anywhere else in Georgia, we pick-up all kinds of x-rays for recycling and silver recovery purpose the pick-up of the film is free

"A R E Inc."

Speciality is Cooling Towers and Organic Industrial Sludge Reduction. Serving Industrial and Commercial Markets

"A-Bove Environmental Services, Inc."

Providing underground storage tank removal, hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal, soil and ground-water investigations.

"AAA Recycling and Trash Removal Services"

AAA Recycling Trash Removal Services provides professional trash removal and recycling services

"Aarwin, inc."

Computer hardware recycling services including transportation, technical assessment and environmentally sound crt processing.

"ABC Disposal Service, Inc."

Family owned and operated waste disposal service providing recycling, baling, compaction, and debris removal services, and more.

"Ace Floor Removal, Inc"

Remove all types of floor coverings including glued down carpet, ceramic tile, VCT, adhesive, mastic, thinset, and epoxy coatings.

"Ace Waste Services"

Ace Waste,serving greater Philadelphia and New Jersey.We can handle all your waste removal needs

"Action Oil Services"

Provides Total Recycling of all Petroleum Oils & Oil Filters Antifreeze & Waste Water Serving the Southeast Texas the Southwest Louisiana Area.

"Advanced Environmental"

Advanced Environmental provides services in oil tank removals and installations service.

"ALBA International, Inc."

ALBA International, Inc. manufacturing marketing disposal advisors and buyers of by-products, recycling.

"All Japanese Recycling"

All Japanese Recycling selling used parts for foreign and domestic vehicles, specializing in Japanese makes.

"All Points Waste LLC"

Specializes in office recycling, confidential document destruction, paper recycling brokerage, metal recycling, and rubbish removal.

"All Service Contracting Corp."

Offers removal and replacement of filter media from water and waste water treatment facilities, and equipment for filter beds.

"AllWaste Systems Ltd."

AllWaste Systems Ltd. is a locally owned and operated waste removal and recycling operation.

"Alwin Ltd"

Alwin Metals distributors and providing materials recycling and disposal services to industry.

"American Gas Products, INC."

American Gas Products manufactures and offers a system for removing aerosols from spray cans.

"American Manufacturing"

VAC-TRON Equipment produces portable vacuum pump equipment for liquid or solid removals.


America''s Leader in mainframe,tapedrive computer deinstallation,recycling disposal of all types of computers.

"APC Contractors, Inc."

Specializing in the abatement, remediation, removal, and transportation of asbestos-containing materials, and other hazardous materials.

"Aqua Chemicals and Systems (Mfg)Ltd"

Provides remove dissolved solids, concentrate wastes, and enable clean water to be recycled or discharged to the environment.

"ARC Disposal & Recycling Co., Inc."

Arc Disposal provides solid waste collection, landscape removal, and recycling services to thousands of households in communities of all sizes.

"Augusta Disposal & Recycling"



Providing a patented way to remove and recycle waste with the cleanest possible and most energy efficient process.

"Best Disposal, Inc."

Best Disposal garbage, recycling and asbestos removal for milwaukee, racine, ozaukee and waukesha. The BEST in Radio-Dispatched Waste Removal

"Bianculli and Sons"

Bianculli and Sons offers rubbish removal services, rolloffs, trash bins, and recycling services.

"Bibpak Inc."

Bibpak Inc. provides recyclable disposal products and Disposable Beverage Dispensers etc.

"Biffa Waste Services"

Biffa Waste Services is an integrated waste management company that can provide a range of services from collection and disposal to total solutions.

"Blue Star LLC"

Turns electronic parts and obsolete and scrap inventory into assets by removing, remarketing, environmentally disposing, or recycling the inventory.

"Bogmar Environmental Inc."

Bogmar Environmental Inc. providing full services in area testing, surveying, disposal and hazardous material removal services.

"California Coolant Services"

CCS is the leader in antifreeze recycling technology for the heavy duty and automotive markets for years.

"Calvert Trash System, Inc"

Provides Services in Tire Disposal,Trash Removal, Trash Service, Construction Debris, Recycling Roll Off Container Service etc.

"Cambro Products Inc"

A private corporation that specializes in the recycling of industrial mineral wastes, demolition services, and asbestos abatement and removal.

"Cape Cod Disposal Co."

Cape Cod Disposal Co. locally owned and operated waste disposal and recycling company serving the Lower Cape.

"Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority"

Cape May County Municipal Utilities Authority offers information on recycling, wastewater, solid waste disposal, and more.

"Capitol Sanitation Services"

Provides solid waste disposal and recyclable collection services company. Offers construction and demolition roll-off dumpster services.

"Central Area Community Festival"

Central Area Community Festival provides and offers recycling disposal services and also manages waste products.

"Cephlian Web Concepts"

Welcome to Intervent Leaders in silver recovery and waste management

"Chemcycle Environmental Management Limited"

Chemcycle Environmental Management Limited provides professional recycling and disposal company.

"Chemical Analytics, Inc."

Provides full service hazardous waste disposal. CAI specializes in the removal of waste laboratory and industrial chemicals.

"Chicagoland Container Company"

Chicagoland Container provides same-day solid waste removal services and recycling services in the Western suburbs of Chicago

"Chittenden Solid Waste District"

Provides with solid waste management options including facilities and programs for trash disposal, recycling, composting, reuse, and hazardous waste.

"Circle J Roll-Offs Inc."

Circle J Roll-Offs Inc. provides removal and waste hauling, roll-off dumpster service, rubbish reduction, recycling and other info.

"City of Mankato, Minn."

City of Mankato, Minn. provides services in recycling removal products and includes all-important snow removal alerts.

"Compagnie De Gestion Alger Inc."

Rouli-bac providers offerig products for recycling, waste removal, and composting.

"Con-Serv Industries Inc."

Con-Serv Industries is a family-owned business, dedicated to providing the best possible refuse disposal and material recycling services.

"CornerStone Material Recovery"

Offers job and construction site recycling as well as waste and debris removal for residential, commercial, industrial, and demolition sites.

"CPM, Inc."

Recycling Insights, developer and reseller of environmental software for the recycling and waste management industries.

"Cri-Star Enterprises"

Locally owned family business providing services to the community including trash disposal recycling ornamental concrete neighborhood services.

"CTA, Inc."

Specializes in automated coating application and removal processes. Providing automation technology, including robot modeling.

"Cummings Tire Recycling,Inc."

Cummings Tire Recycling, Inc. provides a waste disposal business. Also shred tires and other products to make acceptable for landfills.

"Cummings Tire Recycling,Inc."

Cummings Tire Recycling, Inc. provides a waste disposal business. Also shred tires and other products to make more acceptable for landfills.

"D-Tox Environmental Contractors."

Services include, asbestos and biological waste and soil remediation, oil spill cleanup, medical waste disposal and storage tank removal.

"David Perez dba Waste Cleaners"

Environmental solutions for waste and recycling Waste Cleaners, Disposal, Recycling, Service Center.

"Davis Waste Removal Company"

Service in residential and commercial garbage pick-up, recycling, green waste, street sweeping and debris box services.


Garbage collection in Victoria, Saanich Peninsula, Western Communities and Sooke offering drop off pick up bins for garbage disposal and recycling

"Donadio Environmental Services"

Donadio Environmental Associates, Inc. provides comprehensive. Offer the best disposal, recycling and remediation services in the Northeast.

"Double H Automation Inc."

Provides press automation equipment, control equipment, steel fabrication, material removal equipment, process equipment.

"DSC Environmental''s"

dsc Environmental''s provides solvent recovery system recycles solvents and saves on disposal costs.

"EJE Recycling & Disposal, Inc."

Manages and recycle all construction and demolition waste. Accept all waste except household garbage, liquid or solid hazardous waste.

"ELI Eco Logic International Inc"

"Provides an alternative to incineration for hazardous waste disposal; gas phase chemical reduction and recycling organic contaminants."

"EnviroLight & Disposal, Inc."

Recycling & disposal of fluorescent lamps, mercury devices, battery, ballasts, scrap electronics, CRT, televisions, and cylinder tanks.

"Environmental OTR Recycling"

Leader in Waste OTR Tire Management solutions in Southern California. Forwarding to servicing your Waste Tire Removal needs.

"Envirotron, USA"

Envirotron USA reduces costs for waste, trash, garbage, rubbish and recycling removal and disposal services.

"EPOC Water, Inc."

Exxflow, is a proven technology for recycling and suspended solids removal in semiconductor wafer manufacturing.

"Filter Recycling Services Inc."

Provides technologically advanced and environmentally safe methods for the complete reuse and recycling of liquid and solid waste(s).

"Fluid recycling services"

Fluid Recycling Services is a licensed environmental services company dedicated to managing and recycling metalworking fluids.

"Fluorecycle, Inc."

Fluorecycle, Inc. processes fluorescent and HID lamps into their component parts for recycling or safe disposal.

"Frank Aguirre, Professional Sanitarian, MA"

Provides information about septic tanks, septic systems, sewage, sewage disposal, water recycling and wastewater recycling.

"Franklin Miller Inc"

Franklin Miller is the industry leader in the manufacture of size reduction technology including the Taskmaster and Delumper product lines

"FRS Environmental"

Provides technologically advanced and environmentally safe methods for the complete, 100%, recycling, removal and re-use of liquid and solid waste.

"Garcia''s Inc"

Major contributor to the success of waste disposal and the recycling efforts, and is at the forefront of creating service-oriented trash.


GARRY LEE SMITH, CONSULTING provides Recycling, Containment, Disposal and Industrial Environmental Solutions.

"gillesby associates, llc"

Provides Environmental Technology Disposal, Recycling and Asset Recovery Resources and Programs.

"Glenn Weinberger, Inc."

Services in wood waste recycling, topsoil sales, truck rental, and roll-off services in addition to our landfill and transfer operations.

"Goodman Bros. Steel Drum Co."

Provides recycling and reconditioning steel, plastic,. Also safe management of drum disposal, and sale of reconditoned and new drums.

"Graham Waste Services, Inc."

Graham Waste Services, Inc. is a full-service waste removal company that offers superior roll-off container service throughout Massachusetts.

"Grand Sanitation Service"

Grand Sanitation Service is Union County New Jersey''s premiere trash, waste, rubbish, and construction debris removal service.


Providing environmental advice to property owners and for companies. Specializing in recycling, solid waste management, and energy.

"Hafer Petroleum Equipment, Ltd."

Provides service, and installation including tank trucks, underground storage tank removals, upgrades and environmental services.

"HazRad Services, Inc."

HazRad Services, Inc. providing hazardous waste disposal, consulting, training and recycling services.

"Hi Tech Industries"

Hi Tech Industries antifreeze recylcling comapny that helps turn waste removal expenses into profits.


Design, manufacture and service in Municipal Solid Waste Incinerators, PCB Disposal for waste removal and emission control.

"Indian Plastic Recycle Network"

Indian Plastic Recycle Network provides useful resources and trade leads for Indian plastic recycling companies.

"Indiana Scrap and Recycling Services, Inc."

Indiana Scrap and Recycling Services, Inc. associated industries provides services in recycled removal products.

"Industrial Services of America, Inc."

Providing solid waste disposal and recycling needs, featuring computerized waste systems, trash monitoring, and waste equipment sales and service.

"J & D Mechanical Industries, Inc"

Mechanical Industries designs and installs fuel dispensing systems. Certified storage tank installation, removal and retrofitting specialists.

"John W. Hannay & Co. Ltd"

John W. Hannay & Co. Ltd provides Tradewaste, waste disposal and recycling services for Edinburgh City.

"John W. Hannay & Co. Ltd."

John W. Hannay & Co. Ltd. provides and offers waste management, disposal, and recycling services.

"JRS Appliance Disposal"

J.R.''s Appliance Disposal, Inc. manufacturer and offering appliance recycling, sales, and service.

"Karlan Service Inc."

Karlan Service, Inc. providing treatment, storage, recycling and disposal of photographic waste.

"Katec, Inc"

Aerosolv a system for removing residual liquids and aerosols from pressurizes cans for disposal, leaving the cans safe for recycling.

"Kavanaugh Waste Removal Services Ltd."

Provides Kavanaugh Waste Removal Shapes and Sizes, Trucks and Equipment services and recycling equipments.

"KEE Service Company Inc."

Kee Service Company provides a level of performance unsurpassed in the industry for your waste removal, recycling equipment.

"Kelchner Environmental"

Specializes in environmental services including bioremediation, excavation and disposal, groundwater remediation, and hazardous waste removal.

"Knight Armour, Inc."

Provides environmental dispute resolutions, industrial health and hygiene, hazardous waste removal, and demolition and construction services.


Provides rights for personal care products recycling technologies. Such products include disposable baby and adult incontinent diapers.

"Kradin Metal Company, Inc."

Specializing in recycling Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Copper and Brass. Heavy equipment is available for industrial scrap metal removal.

"Lakin Tire West, Inc."

Lakin Tire recycling specialists provides services include the removal of scrap tires and sales of passenger and RV casings and used tires.

"Land Polymers Limited"

Land Polymers Leaders in recycling technology, waste disposaland services and developers of Scanmaster.

"Liquid Waste Removal, Inc."

Liquid Waste Removal, Inc., for quick turn around, convenient scheduling, and affordability concerning for waste removal decisions.

"Litchfield & Company Ltd."

Litchfield & Company Ltd. Offers demolition, dismantling, recmoval and recycling services, as well as used building materials.

"Livermore Dublin Disposal"

Livermore Dublin Disposal - contracted by area cities to collect garbage and recyclable material.

"M & S Recycling"

M & S Recycling is a full service auto dismantler specializing in new, rebuilt and used auto parts, for Mitsubishi, Saturn.

"Magnum Environmental Services"

Specializing in used oil recycling, waste water treatment, emergency spills response, removal, cleanup and disposition of hazardous waste.

"Mars Tech"

Mars Tech offers New, Used, Rebuilt and Reconditioned Centrifuges, Metalworking Coolant Recycling, Wastewater Sludge Removal, Basket etc.


Mars Tech specializes in Centrifuge, Filter, Filtration Systems, Coolant Recycling, Sludge Removal, New and used Microseparator centrifuges

"Martex Fiber Southern Corp."

Offer textile waste removal services, reprocessed textile fiber, wholesale wiping rags, waste by-products, and open-end spun Jimtex Yarns.

"Maryland Environmental Service"

Maryland Environmental Service providing water/wastewater treatment, hazardous waste disposal, recycling assistance, solid waste management and more.

"MCC SCS Step Recycling"

Fraser Valley''s Number One source for all of your recycling, rubbish removal, and yard waste removal services.

"Mercury Technologies of Minnesota, Inc."

Mercury Technologies of Minnesota, Inc. recycling lamps and removing mercury from the solid waste stream.

"Metals Reclamation Services."

MRS is a business that does consulting and surveillance for the recovery of precious metals in scrap material.

"Metron Recycling"

Metron Recycling provide full recycling services including removal and certification. Offices in UK, Singapore and Italy.


Offer a comprehensive range of sheet metal fabrication services, including dust or fume removal ductwork.

"Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority"

Provides recycling, household hazardous waste, disposal, transfer stations, composting, planning, environmental education.

"Multiple Enterprises Inc."

Multiple Enterprises Inc. full service in Asphalt paving, asphalt repair, asphalt rejuvenation, tar and chip paving, recycling, waste removal


Provides propane cyclinders handling the transportation, removal of residue, and preparing clinders for recycling.

"NASA Services"

NASA Services provides services in cars, pickups and other specialty trucks for transport and recycling services.

"Nelson Paper Recycling"

Specializes in office recycling, confidential document destruction, paper recycling brokerage, metal recycling, and rubbish removal.

"North American Group, LTD"

Provides Tank Removal Installations, Industrial Cleaning,Transportation. RCRA Disposal, Industrial Recycling.Remediation. Waste Disposal, Reduction.

"Northern Disposal Services Ltd"

Northern Disposal Services offers liquid waste disposal, deep well injection, recycling, and other services.

"OP-TECH Environmental Services, Inc."

OP-TECH Environmental Services, Inc. hazardous waste removal, emergency spill response, removal and installation of storage tanks, and lead removal.


Opdenaker Trash Removal is noted for trash removal, and recycling services. These trash removal services include residential, commercial, industrial.

"Orca Environmental Corp."

Provides recycling options including composting, processing of contaminated soils, bioremediation, metal removal, and more.

"Otis-Oakley Iron & Supply Co. Inc."

Specializing in the dismantling and removal of heavy machinery and equipment for industrial and commercial business.

"Pallet Solutions"

Pallet Solutions provides consulting firm specializing in management, recycling, and disposal.

"Paper Chase Recycling Service & Shredding"

Paper Chase Recycling Service provides Confidential Shredding and Document Destruction, WareHouse Record Removal and Relocation/Destruction.

"PC Disposal"

PC Disposal manage the removal and recycling of obsolete computers and equipment. PC Disposal can recycle outdated hardware

"Perma-Fix Environmental Services, Inc."

Provides recycling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste, industrial waste management and consulting engineering services.

"Plant Reclamation"

Provides environmental remediation, including asbestos and lead abatement, concrete and asphalt removal, and material recycling.

"Plastic City"

Manufacture and specialize in bags, garbage bags, plastic bags, disposable products, recycling, recycling, paper products, plastic.

"Plastic Tubing Industries, Inc."

Manufacturer of corrugated drainage pipes and fittings. Agricultural irrigation, wastewater drains, groundwater removal and more.

"Pollution Control Industries"

Pollution Control Industries will strive to collect, process, recycle, reclaim, treat or dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

"Pure Cycle Environmental Tech., Inc."

Pure Cycle specializes in acid recycling systems provides a methods for reclaiming and reusing acids, reducing the volume of waste disposal

"Quality Pallet System of Atlanta"

Providing a wide selection of new, used, and custom wooden pallets. Our services include pallet recycling, waste removal, repair, and more.

"Quality Refuse Services Inc"

Quality Refuse Services, INC.Greater Houston''s Commercial, Refuse Collecting, Removal, Hauling, Disposal and Recycling-Houston

"R+ Technology Monaco s.a.m."

Sells and recycles disposable nitrile gloves for clean-room and industrial use through a network of franchises worldwide.

"Rancho Chevy Recycling"

Rancho Chevy Recycling offers new and used auto parts, for Pontiac Firebirds, Chevrolet Corvettes, Camaros and Caprice cars.

"Rancho Marine Recycling"

Rancho Marine Recycling used boat parts and accessories for inboard, outboard, and I/O boats. Also features used boats and information.

"RDO Environmental Services."

RDO Environmental Service underground storage tank removal, abandonment, cleaning and repair, qualified and certified environmental personnel.

"Recycling Systems Sales Inc."

Recycling Systems Sales Inc. provides the recycling community with dependable, swift, and accurate repair work.

"Red Alert"

Red Alert specializes in bio-hazardous waste removal and cleanup of trauma, accident, homicide, suicide, and natural death scenes.


Providing technology asset recycling services through managed programs for redeployment, remarketing, donation, and disposal.

"Ridge Pallets, Inc."

Offers pallet management, production and recycling services. also supplies, stores, reconditions, transports, and disposes of steel drums.

"Rochester Computer Recycling & Recovery"

Rochester Computer Recycling & Recovery providers and offers for sale like-new equipment from leading manufactures.

"Rome Italia s.r.l."

Rome Italia s.r.l. providers offers Fixed recycling and disposal plants covering a wide range of waste typology.

"Romic Environmental Technologies Corporation"

Romic Environmental Technologies Corporation provides recycling and disposal of hazardous wastes.


Provides Rubbish and trash services as to pickup, disposal and recycling service. Also provides solid waste management systems.


Rumpke is the nation''s largest privately owned waste and recycling company. We provide residential, industrial and commercial service.


Local information for waste removal and waste reduction recycling and products that are less wasteful or made of recycled content.


Provides recycling, waste disposal, and roll-off service company. Providing quality service with competitive rates in the Santa Clarita Valley.

"Separation Dynamics"

Manufacturers of the EXTRAN Recycling System, a unique oil water separation system used for recycling aqueous parts washing fluid.

"SET Environmental, Inc."

Provides hazardous waste management company specializing in disposal of gas cylinders, and treatment/recycling of high hazard reactive wastes.

"SGS Computer Corp."

SGS offers a full range of equipment recycling and disposal services. Many of the items contain lead and require special disposal.

"SGS Computer Corporation"

SGS Computer Corporation computer recycle management, disposal and resellers.


Shred-Tech manufactures industrial shredders, shredding machinery and recycling systems and equipment for tire shredding, paper shredding

"Silicon Recycling Services, Inc."

Silicon Recycling Services, Inc. provides services in recycling products and removal of waste products.

"Silicon Recycling Services, Inc."

Silicon Recycling Services, Inc. provides services in recycling products and removal of waste products.

"smallplanet Inc."

Smallplanet is a home delivery and recycling company providing disposable diapers and baby products directly to the home.

"Solid Waste Management"

Solid Waste Management Canada''s magazine on collection, hauling, recycling, and disposal

"SolmeteX, Inc."

SolmeteX, Inc. products for the removal and recovery of hazardous metals found in clinical reagents and histological stains.

"South Herts Waste Management Ltd."

South Herts Waste Management Ltd. - find safe and environmentally friendly ways to recycle and dispose of commercial waste.

"Southern Water Treatment Company"

Southern Water Treament manufactures chemicals to aid in F006 sludge recycling and waste water treatment for the removal of heavy metals

"Specialized German Recycling"

Specialized German Recycling specializing in used, watercooled, Volkswagen and Audi parts.


Spectra Recycling is a processor and transporter of recyclable post consumer and industrial waste such as liquids, papers.

"Spent Lamp Recycling Technologies, Inc."

Spent Lamp Recycling Technologies, Inc. recycles lamps, eliminates emissions, and removes long term liability with regard to spent lamp disposal.

"Staton Companies"

Staton''s primary environmental work is in removing underground storage tanks and contaminated soil. Provides recycling products.

"Stellram Inc."

Stellram Inc. manufactures cutting tools, and carbide and diamond inserts for metal removal operations.

"Sunbelt Environmental, Inc."

"Provides yard trash containers, storage containers and portable toilets; disposal and wood waste recycling at South Alabama"

"Sweed Machinery, Inc."

Sweed Machinery, Inc. offers choppers and scrap disposal systems for wire, steel and plastic banding, tubing and tube scarf, and cable.

"Tabib LTD"

Nationwide company for the removal and handling of poisonous wastes, is offering on its site recycling, pumping and handling of poisonous substances.

"TCI Incorporated."

Operated the world''s most advanced system for the environmentally-safe disposal of obsolete electrical equipment containing PCBs.

"Technology Recycling, Inc."

Technology Recycling, Inc. facilitating the disposal process of outdated computers via outright purchase or cooperative sales agreements.

"Texas Environmental, Inc."

Texas environmental provides oil water recycling, oil disposal, tank cleaning and other environmental services across south Texas

"The GNI Group, Inc."

Provides custom/toll chemical processing, recycling, and manufacturing. Hazardous and non-hazardous waste management, transportation and disposal.

"Tire Disposal & Recycling, Inc."

Serving the West for Scrap Tire Collection, Disposal, and Recycling to Oregon, Washington, California, Idaho.

"Tobacco Valley Sanitation"

Services ranging from regularly scheduled rubbish removal to commercial and industrial consultation on design, recycling and salvage programs.

"Total Recycling Services"

TRS is an environmental products and service company currently specializing in oil filter recycling, antifreeze recycling, absorbent recycling.

"Total Wood Recycling Services, Inc."

Total Wood Recycling Services, Inc. is a wood waste reduction company experience in the field of natural wood waste recycling.

"Toxic Taxi"

Toxic Taxi hazardous waste disposal service, service for marin and sonoma counties, Household toxics and hazarsous waste pickup and disposal

"Tracey Virtual Office System"

Tracey Virtual Office System provides recycling and disposal of waste products, construction/demolition materials.


Trans-Ash specializes in marketing, utilization, research, development and disposal of coal combustion by-products.

"TRI-Rinse, Inc."

Environmental contractor that specializes in container disposal, hazardous waste removal, plastic recycling, and volume reduction.

"Triple R Telecom"

Provides Removing Telecommunication and Mining of cable racks. Currently recycle 50,000lbs a month of electronic equipment.

"TSDF Information Services Inc.,"

TSDF Information Services Inc., Specializing in reviews of hazardous waste Treatment, Storage, Disposal Facilities, Recycling Facilities RF

"Turbo Spin, Inc."

Turbo Spin, Inc. provides and manufactures equipment for removing waste oil from used filters.

"Turtle Island Recycling"

Turtle Island Recycling company provides multi-material recycling and waste removal company.

"Unique Sanitation Co, Inc"

Provide waste management programs including waste removal, paper amp cardboard recycling and construction demolition removal.

"United Pumping Service, Inc."

United Pumping Service, Inc. provides hazardous and non-hazardous waste removal and remediation.


Manufactures the POWERSLEDGE concrete breaker used for demolition, foundation removal, tank excavation, recycling.

"Unwanted Appliances"

Unwanted Appliances Hauled Away offers appliance removal and recycling service to Denver and surrounding communities.


Provides antifreeze recycling, and removal/installation of underground storage tanks, through its wholly-owned operating subsidiaries.


WSI Industrial Services services include steel and concrete cutting, and coating removal.

"Waste Management of the Desert"

Provides information about recycling, waste disposal, trash pickup, hazardous waste, port-o-lets and other services in the Palm Springs area.

"Wastewater Engineers, Inc."

Specialist company provides industrial wastewater treatment industry. Providesable wastewater treatment and recycling systems.

"Wentworth Metal Recycling & Disposal Service"

Wentworth Metal Recycling & Disposal Service metal processing facility, processing a range of ferrous and nonferrous scrap materials.

"Werlor Waste Control, Inc."

Werlor Waste Control, Inc. full service waste removal and recycling company, servicing 8 major counties Northwest Ohio.

"Western Scrap Processing"

Western Scrap Processing services include containerization, hauling, and on-site preparation and removal.

"WM. Biers, Inc."

WM. Biers, Inc. sells and rents parts and service for grinding and waste removal equipment. Also provides landscaping supplies.

"Wolverine Recycling Services, Inc."

Wolverine Recycling Services is a full line equipment and service equipment systems for the recycling and solid waste industries.


Woopsie-Bag providers and offers offer faeces disposal bags, made with recycled materials.

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