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"ADP Hollander"
Mypartshop.com - locate used auto parts from recyclers across the U.S. and Canada. we can Designed by auto recycling expert ADP Hollander.

"adresse internet"

cable winch recycling process cable trailer cable winch manufacturer Cable winch Recycling process Cable trailer Cable winch manufacturer.

"Alan Ross Machinery"

Scrap Processing and Recycling Machinery distributor capable of designing, installing, and complete recycling, processing and waste handling systems.

"Alan Ross Machinery Corp."

MACHINERY and equipment for scrap processing and recycling , including shredders, balers, crushers, briquetters and hanmermills.

"Alba International, Inc."

ALBA INTERNATIONAL Byproduct Recycling and process byproducts for animal feed.

"Allertex of America Ltd"

Allertex textile machinery and products for today''s textiles in recycling and fiber processing.

"Alnor Industries Ltd."

Alnor Industries - recycling, processing, importing, exporting, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless, nickel, zinc, tool steel, ubc, and more.

"Amcor Cartonboard Australiasia"

Amcor Cartonboard Australiasia includes school-project material and an animated chart of the recycled-cartonboard manufacturing process.

"American Bio Tech"

American Bio Tech - commercial scale composting technology using an air injection system to speed the process.

"American Roofing Recyclers LLC"

American Roofing Recyclers is the processing of roofing waste into a variety of oil based products such as road asphalt, road base, ecology blocks.


Aprochim - processing center designed to neutralize toxic wastes, mineral oils, electrical apparatus contaminated by view to their recycling.

"Arnold Edward Scrap Processors,Inc."

Edward Arnold Scrap Processors, Inc. - handles ferrous and nonferrous material.

"Arun Technology Limited"

Arun Technology CCD-array metal analysis systems, portable and desk-top instruments for metals recyclers, quality control and process.

"Atlantic Pacific Energy Systems Inc."

Atlantic Pacific Energy Systems Inc features explanation of furnace process, setup cost breakdown, and photos of development models

"B.R. Jenkins"

process and recycle textile waste fibers and yarn for nonwoven, automotive, carpet, carpet underlay, nets, rope and cordage industries.


Bedminster Bioconversion - designs, develops and operates solid waste treatment facilities which separate out, process.

"Benjamit Metal Printing Co.,Ltd"

Benjamit Packaging - produces food tin cans, metal boxes, process recyclable plastic cups, and lids.

"Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc."

Bethlehem Apparatus Co. Leader in recycling of Mercury Mercury bearing products For Processing Hazardous Universal Mercury Waste Including.

"Bodner Metal and Iron"

Buyers and Processors of Old Automobiles, Washers, Dryers, Hot-Water Heaters, Stoves and Iron and Steel to be recycled into Scrap Metal.


IBEX e-mail International Buyers Exhibition - Pack 2000 Packaging Materials, Processing and Recycling.


Ibex International Buyers Exhibition - Pack 2000 Packaging Materials, Processing and Recycling PORTO - Portugal.

"Cansolv Technologies Inc."

Cansolv Technologies Inc., is an Environmental and Sulfur Recovery and Recycling Process Developer for the Power industries.

"Capricorn Commodities. B.V."

Capricorn BV - trades and processes nickel and stainless steel scrap recycling.

"CBG Biotech, Ltd"

Biotech recyclers process xylene, alcohol, and xylene substitutes CBG Biotech system fastest, safest and most economical recycler available.

"Cierra Industries, Inc."

American Cierra new and used plastic equipment extruders, grinders equipment, recycling equipment, processing lines, and plastic equipment.

"Circle Environmental Inc"

Absorbent recycling and Reusable Absorbents from Circle Environmental utilizes a patented, closed looped, recycling process

"Circle Environmental Inc"

Absorbent recycling and Reusable Absorbents from Circle Environmental utilizes a patented, closed looped, recycling process

"Comfort Zone Dist."

Comfort Zone Distributors the purchase of our mats, we have completed the recycling process.

"Computer Surplus Center"

Computer Surplus Center is a leading processor recycler of surplus merchandise including all types of used computers and electronic equipment.

"Consumers Recycling, Inc."

Consumers Recycling, Incorporated is a Recyclable Metals Metals Broker-Processor.

"Conveyors & Equipment"

. Conveyors Equipment serves a broad base of industries including mining, aggregate, manufacturing, printing, food processing and recycling.

"Cryo Technologies"

Cryotech highly experienced technology company which supplies custom engineered cryogenic and non-cryogenic process equipment to the industrial.

"Dan Recycling Ltd."

Dan Recycling Ltd - independent scrap metal processing, recycling, and trading company. Also in Hebrew.

"Database Resources, Inc."

CRI Recycling Services uses a non-CFC, patent pending solvent extraction process to recycle both used oil and absorbent materials.

"Decco Alloys, Inc."

Decco Alloys - Scrap Metal Buyers, Processors, Recyclers in Twinsburg, Ohio.

"Digital Concepts Incorporated"

PCU Systems Equipment Refrigerant and Oil Charging Fluid Fill Equipment Refrigerant Recycling, Reclaim, and Supply Fluid Processing Equipment.

"Dolphin Blue"

Dolphin Blue provides recycled and Processed Chlorine Free paper products including copier paper, printing papers, and envelopes and remanufactured.

"Dytek Manufacturing"

DYTEK Manufacturing and Environmental Recycling Equipment - Lamp Processor manufacturing, metal fabrication and design engineering.

"Eadie Oil Inc"

Eadie Oil, Inc. - We have developed a process technology for partially upgrading heavy oil. The process may also be used for recycling.


dot com biz card net Earth Resource provides environmental services in the collection, processing, recycling.

"Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corporation"

Eastlund Scientific Enterprises Corporation - developer of a plasma processor designed for radioactive waste recovery and recycling.

"ECS Refining"

ECS Refining, Inc. - recycling of electronic scrap, circuitboards, CRT''s, solders, silver, heavy metals, and the processing.

"ELI Eco Logic International Inc"

Eco Logic International, Inc provide for hazardous waste disposal chemical reduction process for destroying and recycling organic contaminants.


Elms Industrial - material management company specializing in the treatment, processing, and recycling of electronics scrap, from component.

"Empire Resources"

"Aluminum products are produced by processing primary and or recycled aluminum into ""semi-finished Empire Resources."

"Entec Inc"

Skimoil Inc is a manufacturer and distributor of innovative equipment and systems for pollution control, recycling, separation and processing.

"Enterprise Company"

Enterprise Company - manufacturer of resource and energy conversion systems, and scrap processing equipment.

"Entire Recycling, Inc."

EnTire Recycling is a state of the art recycling facility specializing in processing scrap tires into high quality crumb rubber.


Enviro-Glass utilizes a process to breakdown and recycle waste glass into viable products and thus saves valuable resources.

"Enviro-Port, Inc."

Enviro-Port Ready-mix Reclamation System recycles your ready-mix, manages your process and storm water.

"environmental processing systems, inc."

Welcome to Environmental Processing Systems, Inc.

"European Process Management Ltd"

EPM supply PCB production equipment, total orgainc carbon TOC analysers, air liquid particle counters, vermiculture recycling system.

"Evergreen Recycling Inc."

Evergreen Recycling, Inc. provides superior solutions to managing wastes from industrial processes and remediation sites.


Tech is a leading processor recycler of surplus merchandise including all types of new and used computer and electronic equipment.

"Fibr-Plast Corp"

The patented Fibr-Plast TM process can recycle waste materials, Practically any combinations of plastics and fibrous materials can be used.

"Financial & Corporate Services"

F&C is seeking partners for a variety of investment opportunities: an on-shore fish processing operation, plastic recycling and manufacturing.

"Fluorecycle, Inc."

Fluorecycle, Inc processes fluorescent and HID lamps into their component parts for recycling or safe disposal.

"Flyash recycling"

Fly Ash into a building material, sorbent for dry or semi-dry desulphurisation of coal power plants, additive for clay processing.

"Food Tech International"

Food Tech International serves the egg and food processing systems market. We also manufacture plastic recycling equipment

"Fook Woo Group."

dot com biz card Fook Woo Group waste paper trading, processing, recycling and recycled paper product manufactory.

"Four Lakes Business Systems"

Recycling Management Systems especially designed For scrap processing and recycling operations Four Lakes Business Systems.

"Gas Tank Renu USA"

Refrigerant Processing services and Equipment recycle, recovery and reclaim EPA certified processing center.

"GH Edwards and Associates, Inc."

Consulting in Industrial minerals Geology, Market Research in Industrial Minerals, Glass Technology, Minerals Processing and Recycling.

"Gradeall International Limited"

Gradeall International are specialists in the design, manufacturing equipment for use in the waste processing and recycling industry

"Grasan Equipment Co., Inc."

Welcome to Grasan Engineer and Manufacturers of Processing and Recycling Systems.

"Green Grove Corp."


"Green Oasis Environmental Inc"

Green Oasis Environmental, Inc. - developer of a patented process to convert recycle waste motor oil into #2 diesel fuel.

"Greenfield Recycling Company"

The Greenfield Recycling Company''s president and CEO, Peter L. Kramer scrap processing and recycling within the industry and its trade associations.

"Groot Recycling and Waste Systems"

operated Groot Industries, Inc waste and recycling collection, processing, and on-site document destruction serves the Chicago area environmentally

"Halon recycling"

halon recycling halon recovery, fire extinguisher, halons, halon gas, recycle, recycling process.

"Heavy Duty Parts Inc"

filter cleaning process Canada, and continue concepts in the recycling process. Heavy Duty Parts services the construction, transportation.

"Hensen-Lataster bv"

Hensen-Lataster.nl Used machinery for mineral processing and recycling industries.

"Hudson Metal"

Hudson Metal Recycling, Inc metal recycling, trading, and processing firm specializing in aluminum, nickel alloys and other nonferrous metals.

"ibr corporation"

International Bio-Recovery Corporation - uses thermophilic (heat responsive) microbes to process organic waste into fertilizer products.

"Igloo Cellulose, Inc."

Learn about Igloo Cellulose insulation, and its fabrication process, which starts from recycled newsprint

"Infinitex Corporation"

INFINITEX Ultra-Filtration for Aqueous Waste Processing and Recycling industrial aqueous wastes.

"IPES International"

IPES International, Inc manufactures and supplies magnetic separation equipment for the material handling, processing and recycling industries

"Karlan Service, Inc"

Karlan Service, Inc. - providing treatment, storage, recycling and disposal of photographic waste.

"Ketterine Textiles Ltd"

Kettering Textiles - processors of Secondhand Clothing, Recyclable Textiles and Industrial Wipes.

"Key filters, inc."

Keyfilers manufacturer of manual hydraulic and Designed for the polymer melt filtration required by plastic extrusion processors, and recyclers.

"KMK Metals Recycling Ltd"

KMK Metals Recycling Ltd - offers services in processing of hazardous, non-hazardous, and electrical waste, metallic residues and sludges, and more.

"Komar Industries"

Komar Industries, Inc. - custom designers and manufacturers of solid waste processing systems for recycling and size reduction purposes.

"Kuusakoski CIS"

Kuusakoski CIS - collector and processor of scrap and mixed waste and pioneer in industrial recycling of metals.

"Lakin Tire West, Inc."

Lakin tire has been in the used tire and tire recycling business for more than 25 years currently processes over 28 million tires each year.

"Lammas Resources Ltd"

Lammas Resources Limited - specialises in bio-recycling of organic residues and reusable products using environmentally benign processes.

"Land Resource Recycling Management, Inc."

Land Resource Recycling Management, Inc. - specializes in the reuse of sewage biosolids and food processing wastes as fertilizer replacement.

"Landfill Solutions, L.L.C."

Landfill Solutions - by recycling a low cost filler that is a blend of paper, plastic, and organics used in existing manufacturing processes.

"Laser Plus"

ELAZER.COM - Toner Cartridges, Laser Printers, and Do-It-Yourself Repair. . All our toner cartridges go through recycling process.

"LEB Enterprises"

Aquarecycle tremendous savings by eliminating water and sewer costs as reducing energy and chemical costs completely natural filtration process.

"Link Pty Ltd"

on Link''s tyre recycling machines and processes along with a company profile and contact information for its agents worldwide.

"Louis Padnos Iron & Metal Co."

Padnos is a Michigan based processor and broker of scrap iron, steel, non-ferrous metals, fibers. Recycling to Preserve Our Environment.

"Matejka Cable Recovery"

Matejka Cable Recovery is a newer division of Matejka Recycling, processing CATV, bare with steel, copper and cable, highline wire and telephone.

"Materials Processing Corp"

Materials Processing Corporation electronics recycling company, specializing in precious metal refining, recovery, surplus resale and equipment.

"MCA Recycling USA, Inc,"

MCA Recycling USA leader in waste management for the 21st century. supply you with a custom blended fertilizer designed for your crop-specific needs

"Mercer Group International."

Mercer, a bonded and licensed specialty demolition turnkey operation, is an industry leader in wrecking, recycling and used process equipment,.

"Minot recyclage Textile"

Minot Recyclage Textile - collecting, processing, and merchandising of all textile by-products. In French and English.

"Minpro International Ltd."

Minpro International Ltd. - developed new technology and solutions for glass and plastics recycling, soil washing and mineral processing industries.

"Mobius Technologies, Inc"

Mobius Technologies- Polymer Foam Recycling our Mission To revolutionize the manufacture of polymer foams through a recycling process.

"Multi Service"

Multi Service Eliminate waste, Make your facility cleaner and safer! Services recycling specialized recovery process allows us to recycle industrial

"MultiTech Contracts Ltd"

Multi-Tech Contracts Ltd. Process Plant Design and Management providing services to the chemical, food, petrochemical, energy, recycling.

"National Citizens Alliance"

"Cement Kilns and Hazardous Waste burning to the citizens by using benign terms like recycling co-processing and calling the waste ""supplemental."

"National Compressed Steel Corporation"

National Compressed Steel Corporation - scrap metal processor & recycler.

"O''Brien Recycling Corp."

Full Service Scrap Metal Recycling, Processing, and Brokerage Firm scrap metal purchasing, aluminum recycling.

"Orca Environmental Corp."

Orca Environmental Corp. - plans to provide integrated remediation and recycling options including composting, processing.


The more advanced a civilization is, the more it recycles.Unaltered Properties. Ortho-Cycle''s recycling process is based .


P. T. Metals is a scrap metal recycling company specializing in purchasing and processing aluminum, copper, insulation and all other scrap metals.

"Palm Beach Metal"

Palm Beach Metal Scrap Metal Recycler Import Export Steel Copper Processing buyer dealer of all Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals.

"Perfect Tinning Corp"



PESCO - Pragmatic Environmental Solutions Company Inc. Manufacturers of and custom fabricate process equipment and liquid recycling equipment.

"Pheonix Security"

Phoenix processes gif Company Logo waste collections archiving Office Moves pic Secure Destruction Recycling Processes

"Pollution Control Industries"

Pollution Control Industries will strive to collect, process, recycle, reclaim, treat or dispose of hazardous and non-hazardous wastes.

"Powerhire Ltd"

Site of Powerhire Limited, the widest range of Powerscreen dryscreening, washing, recycling, waste processing and materials handling equipment.

"Pralumex, Inc"


"Process Control Corpoartion"

Process Control Corporation - manufactures auxiliary equipment for the plastics processing industry including gravimetric blenders.

"ProCoat Ceiling Restoration"

ProCoat Ceiling Restoration - process to resurface, recycle and restore acoustical ceilings.

"Prodeva Inc."

Prodev - conveyors, crushers and shredders for processing bottles, aluminum or steel cans, plastic and glass.

"Prodeva Inc."

Prodeva manufactures processing equipment for MRF and Recycling Centers and size reduction field.


Welcome to Cohen Brothers Inc Recycling today''s scrap materials into tomorrow''s products collecting and processing recyclable scrap materials

"Progress In Paper Recycling"

Paper Recycling Challenge Book Series Now Available, Vol.III, Process Technology! 1998-99 Directory of Recycled Pulp Paper Mills.


Rabanco Corporation Recycling processes almost a million pounds of recyclables each day.

"Raff''s Recycling"

Recycling Resource Center we but, sell, and process recycled cardboard Services Our Products Information.

"Ramjet Fluid Power"

Ramjet Fluid Power - manufactures compactor trucks, bin lifters and processing equipment.

"Recovery 1"

This process enables us to take demolished wooden structures and segregate the common building materials original construction recycling process.

"Recycling Equipment Manufacturing Inc."

Recycling Equipment Manufacturing, Inc Producer of conveyor and sorting systems, UBC processing and supporting equipment.


Home Recycling Partnerships Process Customers Sales Computers Within Reach Training Courses.

"Render Magazine"

"The rendering industry processes or ""recycles"" animal by-products such as animal fat, bone, hide, offal, feathers, and blood into beneficial."

"Residue Inc."

Residue. Around the country. around the clock Residue. With our factories across the USA and Canada, we re-process all grades.

"rwb waste"

rbwwaste recycles oil and gas plant process filters, gloycol, lube oil, nickel and broker wastes not processed by our firm. Transportation.

"S&R Enterprises, Inc."

S & R Enterprises Inc aluminum dross processor and rotary furnace tolling facility and capability to purchase and trade aluminum dross, scrap.

"Sanger Gravel & Manufacturing"

Ramjet Fluid Power - manufactures compactor trucks, bin lifters and processing equipment.

"Scaltech Inc."

Scaltech, Inc processor of oil refinery waste for recycling and leading provider of hazardous refinery and petrochemical sludge processing.

"Secondary Fiber Inc."

Secondary Fiber is a business-to-business scrap brokerage that provides global access to paper mill markets and processors and generators.


Set Metal Recycling Inc. image Direct processor for metal recovery industry in China. Telecom relay scrap, Computer Electronic scrap.

"Shakspeare Glassworks"

Shakspeare Glassworks - hand-blown glass from recycled lead glass coloured using a variety of different processes.


sicomo is an environmentally friendly in protecting our communities by recycling waste paper and recycling the water used in the production process.

"SKB Environmental"

SKB Environmental - specializes in landfill design, construction, operation, waste processing, transfer stations and recycling facilities.

"Springs Oil Conversion Inc."

Springs Oil Conversion Inc markets two processes which convert waste oil into usable products.

"Star Recycling"

STARecycling process that allows us to recycle a car, Interested in the different materials we can recover.

"Strategic Materials"

Strategic Materials, Inc glass recycler and powdered-glass processor providing materials to container, fiberglass, and highway bead manufacturers.

"Superior Industries"

Superior Industries designs and manufactures equipment for the aggregate processing recycling industry, including conveyors.

"Sweed Machinery"

Sweed Machinery Inc. Manufacturers of recycling equipment, bulk processing choppers, sytems, and material handling division.

"SystemOne Technologies"

SystemOne Technologies designer/distributor of self-contained, recycling industrial parts washers. This patented distillation and recovery process

"Tec Publications"

Isaac Shaw Ltd - specialist non ferrous scrap processor recycling metal processing services to industry.

"Tech Max Machine"

Tech Max Machine shop providing CNC machining of large precision parts for industries including oil, food processing, packaging, recycling,

"The GNI Group"

GNI Group Inc. - custom/toll chemical processing, recycling, and manufacturing. Hazardous and non-hazardous waste management.

"Thermo Fibertek Inc."

Thermo Fibertek Inc. - international manufacturer of process equipment and accessories including paper machine accessories, and recycling equipment.

"Timco Scrap, Inc."

Timco Scrap Processing is conveniently located off Channelview, TX. Our East location enables us to be easily accessible to all parts recycling.

"Tree Max, Inc."

The Future Home of MAXXAM INDUSTRIES Green-Waste Recycling Processing A division of TreeMax Inc.

"Treecycle Recycled Paper"

TREECYCLE Recycled Paper provides quality, environmentally benign paper which is unbleached or process chlorine free, and high in post consumer.

"Tri-Star Aluminum, Inc."

Tri-Star Aluminum, Inc.Recyclers and processors in the Southeastern U. S. manufacturing.

"Triqua, process and water technologies"

Triqua is at the forefront of process an water technologies for industry and domestic applications.

"U-Metco Inc."

U-Metco Inc. - dedicated to purchasing, processing and selling scrap metals.

"United Plastic Recycling, Inc."

United Plastic Reycling - specializes in the sale and purchase of quality post industrial and post consumer thermoplastics processing available.

"US Plastic Lumber, Ltd"

U.S. Plastic Lumber, an integrated plastics recycler and processor, is the manufacturer of Carefree Building Products.


John R. Adam and Sons Ltd. - processors and exporters of ferrous, non-ferrous and high-tech scrap metals.

"W Silver Recycling, Inc."

Recycle industrial scrap - State-of-the-art, environmentally compliant scrap recycling, processing, and destruction.

"Wendt Corp."

Wendt Corporation is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art recycling systems and scrap processing equipment.

"Wendt Corporation"

Wendt Corporation is a manufacturer of state-of-the-art recycling systems and scrap processing equipment.

"Wentworth Metal Recycling & Disposal Service"

Wentworth Metal Recycling & Disposal Service - metal processing facility, processing a range of ferrous and nonferrous scrap materials.

"West Salem Machinery Co"

West Salem Machinery Leading manufacturer of wood fiber processing machinery and wood recycling systems processing pallets and pallet scrap.


Western Scrap Processing - services include containerization, hauling, and on-site preparation and removal.


In addition to sand, septic gravel, topsoil and State approved recycled process also offers complete site work, large equipment and tri axle rental.

"William Barnet & Son Inc."

William Barnet amp Son, Inc. buys, sells, and trades polymer worldwide, offering customized raw material and quality processing, with facilities.


dot com biz cardusing it for other forms of Internet gaming with a lottery, the next owner could then recycle the process to generate more money.

"Zehr Manufacturing"

Zehr Manufacturing - industrial wood grinders for companies recycling and processing wood chippings.

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