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"JUST JUNK® | Junk Removal Services Canada"
Full service junk, garbage, furniture and appliance removal, hauling, disposal, and recycling across Canada. We remove everything!

"Advanced Coating Systems"

we are able to effectively and safely clean machines without creating additional waste media or the use of solvents.


This source advantage,waste specialties,waste,biohazardous waste,waste removal,site clean-up,clean up,clean-up,drum disposal,tank .

"Aerosol Can Recycling"

Aerosolv Can Recycling Reduces Providing Hazardous Wastes from Spray Cans solvents, suppliers and others.

"Amazon Environmental, Inc."

Amazon Environmental, Inc. provided exclusive supplier of recycled latex paints, and distributor of recycled hazardous waste solvents.

"AMCEC - Solvent Recovery Systems"

AMCEC Inc. provides design engineeringequipment and installation of adsorption systems for solvent recovery and VOC emission control

"American Waste Transport & Recycling, Inc."

American Waste Transport & Recycling, Inc. provided leading expert on lead waste management and transportation recycling solvents.

"AquaCare Systems Inc."

Designs, manufactures and markets filtration and flow control systems and products, water filtration production.

"Aromatherapy Trade Council"

The Atc Trade Mission To Japan Will Take Place 16 - 20 October, 2000.Applications For The Trade Mission Must Be In To Mission Secretary, Syvlia Baker By 11 August, 2000. Eligible Participants On The Mission Will Each Qualify For A Grant Of 600.

"Bagel Break Francising Inc"

Refuse/Environmental Systems Inc. Hazardous Waste Management Consultants Control, Wastewater solvents Treatment, Composting, Equipment.


Basic Chemicals, Inc. has been in the business of buying and selling surplus and off-spec materials (chemicals, plastics, solvents, etc


specialises in the treatment of waste oils, solvents and plastics waste and their regeneration into high-value alternative

"Bethlehem Apparatus Co., Inc."

Bethlehem Apparatus Company''s Resource Recovery and Recycling Division is the recognized leader in the recycling solvents of mercury.

"Bethlehem Apparatus Company, Inc."

Bethlehem Apparatus Company, Inc products and services include hazardous waste recycling solvents.

"Butte County Public Works"

Recycle solvents Recycling Programs, Oil Recycling, Re-Refined Oil, Waste Management, Hazardous Waste, Composting

"Carolina Environmental Associates, Inc."

Providing: Waste Management, Recycling hazardous waste solvents Environmental Services, Industrial Services, Transportation.

"CB Mills"

It provides horizontal mill, media mill, solvent recovery, mixer, disperser, dispenser, still, laboratory, grinding, dispersion

"Chemical Analytics, Inc."

Chemical Analytics, Inc. provided Hazardous Waste solvents recycling full service hazardous waste disposal company servicing.

"Chemical Solvents Inc."

Full service provider of chemicals solvents and waste disposal programs. Extensive research and development capabilities for customizing products


olvents, recycling, sale, recycle, chemical, waste, hazardous, solvant, N-Methyl-Pyrolidone.

"Chemtech Waste Management Limited"

providing soloutions to waste managment problemshemtech, disposal, environment, landfill, acid, oils, solvents, disposal, waste

"Clement Industries, Inc."

Clement Industries inc provides creative recycling solutions for non-hazardous product returns, and industrial liquids, powders solvents and etc.

"Cliff Berry, Incorporated"

Marine and solvents industrial hazardous waste services amp HAZMAT Training A solution driven environmental firm with over 2 decades of experience

"CMR Ltd"

with a management buy-out of the Gelpke & Bate Processing solvent recycling sites in Rye and Sunderland.

"Coachfinish (NI) Limited"

is a manufacturer and supplier of vehicle refinish products andwe supply adhesives, masking tapes, solventschemicals and valeting

"Cox Industries"

"We are a distributor for: Earthtone cleaning solvents; Cap''n Jack marine cleaning chemicals. Our speciality is environmental recycling systems"

"Creation Web Engr."

Creation Web Engineer Environmental solutions for waste and recycling Waste Cleaners, Disposal, Recycling, solvernts Service.

"Cycle Solve Inc."

Cycle Solve offers an array of recycling and disposal services for hazardous and non-hazardous waste combustible, toxic and oily waste.

"Delaware Solid Waste Authority"

Delaware Solid Waste Authority information regarding waste management, recycling, composting, household hazardous waste solvents and etc.

"Disti-Kleen Websolition"

Tank Cleaning, solvent recovery, color dispensing, tote tank cleaning, container cleaning, drum cleaning,tationary tank cleaning,

"Dr Faust"

Dr Faust Is The Institute Organizes Brief, Functional Seminars Which Are Not Based On Chinese Theories.

"DSC Environmental''s solvent recovery"

DSC Environmental''s solvent recovery system recycles solvents and saves on disposal costs. pure solvent,distills, distillation equipment


environmental sound dampening enclosures,ink reclaimation units, solvent recovery systems ,dust, dampening sound.

"EnviroLight and Disposal Inc."

EviroLight & Disposal, Inc and transporting spent fluorescent lamps, ballasts and other mercury-containing hazardous waste solvents recycling.

"Environmental Enterprises, Inc."

Environmental Enterprises, Inc. operates a Hazardous Waste Treatment and Storage Facility recycling solvents transporting.

"European commercial waste solvents"

European trade and industry to locate cost effective recycling solutions for all catergories of commercial waste and by-products

"First Source, Inc."

First Source has been the innovator and leader in mobile on-site, transportation and disposal services.

"formeco srl"

It producing solvent recovery systems, waste water treatment apparatus and acids recovery units Waste Management Solutions.


Fuel Doctor is a carefully selected blend of non hydrocarbon solvents and emolsifiers. effects on any engine or fuel system

"GCC, Inc"

Recycling and Waste Management Services GCC, Inc. is didicated to helping increase efficiency and reduce costs for all your recycling

"Haul-All Equipment"

Haul-All Equipment manufacturer collection vehicles and provided hazardous waste recycling solvents.


provides onsite training. Our trainers have 15 years experience in hazardous waste management and training. training, hazardous materials

"HazRad Services, Inc.,"

HazRad Services, Inc., provides regulated waste recycling, hazardous waste solvetns disposal and management services for industrial.

"Heatherland Ltd"

Heatherland Ltd provided recyling solvents and non-hazardous commercial, domestic and industrial waste.

"Holistic Ireland"

Workshops :Amethyst Programme Events, Beechfield Centre - Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Healing, Chrysalis Workshop Programme, Inniz Healing School - Reiki & Massage Workshops, Self Development Workshops: Bellydance Workshops, Cleire Goat Husbandry Workshops,

"Horizon Technology, Inc"

The leader in automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Disk technology for sample preparation.

"ICE CLEAN by Gardner Paint Services"

blasting, cleaning, ice, pellets, non, dry ice pellets, Dry Ice, Blast Cleaning, No Grit, No Solvents, No Water, No Waste, General Cleaning,

"Industrial Towel & Uniform"

supplier of towels, mats, garments and other launderable textiles for industry


Intelligent Recycling Solutions specializes in house hold waste and waste, oils, solvents, paints, flammables, old car and truck tires.

"JB Systems"

supplying all your filtration needs with water filtration, filters,liquid filtration, air filtration, oil filtration.

"Johnson Equipment Company"

filter, air dryer, teflon fittings, teflon valves, teflon tubing, teflon pipe, drain valve, solvent recovery, annunciator, alarm, horn,

"Kessler Chemical, Inc"

Organic chemical intermediates, and solvents like phenol, aniline, anisole, Alpha-methylstyrene, Dimethylaniline, Diethylaniline

"Lancer Industries, Inc."

Solvent recycling, and hazardous material handling In house laboratory service Specialty solvents both low and high aromatics

"Landa, Inc."

North America''s Largest Manufacturer of Industrial Pressure Washers and Water Cleaning Systems,pressure washers with more than 300 models.

"Latent Technology Group"

Re-Cycle & Re-Use and SOS Recycing we strive to assist industries, large and small, with their chemical needs while providing waste minimization.

"Magnum Environmental Services"

Environmental remediation specializing in tank cleaning, used oil recycling, solvents waste water treatment, emergency spills response, removal

"Mars Technologies, Inc."

Arizona corporation promoting a patented technology, the Metal Acid Recovery System Hazardous waste solvents recycling.

"Master Chemical Corporation"

Master Chemical covers all aspects offluids and fluid management from the technical formulation of cuttingsolvents, cutting and grinding fluids

"Micell Technologies"

Enviromentally safe metal cleaning and garment cleaning alternative., and recyclable with minimum wastesolvents, fabric, metal,

"Midwest Soda BlasterSafe Stripping Technology"

A new environmentally safe stripping technology that uses no hazardous waste material, chemicals, abrasives, solvents or damaging materials

"MustDestroy Security Destruction"

MustDestroy Security Destruction Providing hazardous waste managements, recycling solvents and etc.

"MustDestroy Security Destruction"

MustDestroy Security Destruction providing recycling hazardous waste solvents and others suppliers.

"National Citizens Alliance"

National Citizens Alliance providing treatment of toxic and hazardous waste is a dangerous activity hazardous waste recylcing solvents and etc.

"National School Of Sports Massage"

Anatomy Trains Seminar - 6th & 7th November 1999, Jbmt European Conference 26 - 28 Th May 2000.

"Natural Healing Uk"

Natural Healing Uk Have Been Organising Mind, Body And Soul Exhibitions Since 1991, During The Last Six Years The Exhibitions Have Grown In Stature And Have Gained An Enviable Reputation With Both Exhibitors And The General Public.

"Nordic Journal Of Music Therapyrune."

Forthcoming Conferences -- They Have A Presentation Of Forthcoming Conferences Related To The Field Of Music Therapy. Music, Music Therapy, And Trauma Millennium Conference, That Is Going To Be Held On November 25, 2000.


German manufacturer of Solvent Recovery Units, Vacuum Evaporators, Recyclers, Distillers,Hersteller von Destillationsanlagen zur Aufbereitung bzw

"Pollution Control Industries"

Pollution Control Industries, Inc. experienced waste management process, treat, and store hazardous waste from a solvents varity of industries.

"Producers Chemical Company"

Company is a distributor of industrial chemicals, both liquid and dry, including solvents, acids, alcohols, esters, aliphatic

"Progressive Products"

high performce, non-hazmat, solvent free, epoxies for application on dry, wet, or submerged surfaces.solvent free epoxy, underwater repair.

"R.J. Bowers Distributors, Inc"

specialize in high-pressure cleaners, parts washers, solvent-free cleaning systems, waste water recycling equipment, floor scrubbers.

"RAC Enterprises, Inc"

Sidewinder Model M-2 Solvent Recycler. Recycle spent solvents and thinners with Sidewinder Model

"Ramona Disposal, Inc."

Ramona Disposal Service is responsible for the collection and disposal of waste and recyclables Hazardous Wastes solvents and etc.

"Reclaim costs with solvent and chemical"

recycle chemicals using solvent distillation recovery systems. chemical recycling, solvent recycling, solvent recovery systems and equipment.

"Recovery Equipment Corporation"

Personal, on-site analysis and evaluation of your process and waste fluids allows our Sales Engineers.

"Recovery Express, Inc"

Recovery Express, Inc - Progress in Motion Services Hazardous Waste Disposal Compax System for Lead Debris Recycling PCB

"Recycling Sciences Corporation"

Solvent Recycling Science: flammable petroleum solvent recycling, recovery and reuse through distillation. Hazardous waste reduction

"Refuse/Environmental Systems Inc."

Refuse/Environmental Systems Incand Hazardous Waste Management Consultants, Recycling solvents Wastewater Treatment, Composting, Equipment

"Resource Recycling, Inc"

provides a variety of waste reduction products and services.saves you money and is completely portable.

"Ronald Wantz"

World Wide Distributor of Solvent Recycler and Solvent recovery Systems,azardous waste, recovery, paint, distiller.


Solvent recovery system. Allows recovery of most used industrial solvents. Saves money and helps environmentsolvent, recycling, distiller, recovery

"Sawyer and Smith Corporation"

dry film, lubricant, engine, shot blast, shot peen, pretreat, brass, aluminum.

"Scaltech Inc."

the leading provider of hazardous and non-hazardous refinery and petrochemical sludge processing

"Sidewinder/Persyst Enterprises, Inc"

Sidewinder Model M-2 Solvent Recycler. Recycle spent solvents and thinners with Sidewinder Model M-2 Solvent Recycler

"SLO Integrated Waste Management Authority"

Provides information on waste reduction, recycling, household hazardous waste solvents composting integrated waste management.

"Smithrite Disposal Ltd."

providing waste removal services, Smithrite is equipped hazardous waste solvents to offer our customers a variety of recycling programs.


anid metal industry emballage cans boxesbeirut Cylindrical cans Conical pails Rectangular cans paint glue putty lube oil and food oil solvents

"Solu-Rec inc."

Return recycled solvents back to the market place as well as offer management for the recycling of waste solvent streams.

"Solvent Recovery Systems Inc"

provides sales, installation, and service, for modern pollution control equipment that Is an economical way to deal with today''s.

"Solvent Waste Management, Inc."

Solvent Waste Management, Inc. designs and manufactures equipment to clean contaminated solvents.

"Solvents Australia"

An independent, privately owned Australian company, Solvents Australia is a supplier of both new and recycled solvents to industry.

"Solvents Australia"

An independent, privately owned Australian company, Solvents Australia is a supplier of both new and recycled solvents to industry.

"Southam Inc"

Southam Inc provided hazardous waste recycling solvents involved in municipal and industrial waste management.


Spectra Services provides parts washers service and transports hazardous, non-hazardous and regulated wastes for disposal solvents recycling.

"SRM Limited"

Solvent Resource Management Limited (SRM), is an organisation dedicated tf recovering and recycling industries''

"Stricker Consulting"

Ark Stricker has a demonstrated experience in chemical/nuclear processing and manufacture uranium recovery via solvent extraction.


We are a well established, enthusiastic chemical and full hazardous waste management company located in Southern California

"Terralink Software"

Terralink developed software to capture and manage hazardous and non-hazardous waste data, enabling brokers, generators

"The Dirk Group of Companies"

The Dirk Group of Companies Recycling of paper, packaging waste, power station by-products and safe, beneficial hazardous waste recycling solvents.

"The Recycling Group, Inc"

We offer Industrial and commercial waste hauling, non-hazardous solid waste disposal, paper and plastic recycling

"Titan Technologies Inc."

dedicated to be the leader in creating a solution for solvents oriented industry that protects environment by eliminating hazardous solid waste

"Toxic Taxi"

The Toxic Taxi is a door-to-door pickup service for Hazardous waste products like paint, oil, chemicals, solvernts etc

"Trash To Treasure Inc."

chemical recycling, recycle, chemical reuse, waste exchangeWe Buy Waste Chemicals - Isocyanates, Freons, Chlorinated Solvents, etc.

"Tri Rinse"

Tri Rinse environmental contractor specializes in container disposal, hazardous waste removal solvents, plastic recycling, and volume reduction

"TSDF Information Services, Inc."

TSDF Information Services, Inc.transfer facilities, chemical waste landfills, special and industrial waste landfills, incinerators solvents.

"Vortec Corporation"

Vortec Corporation hazardous waste vitrification, solvents, solid waste recycling, glass refining, and high-temperature heat recovery technologies

"Waste Management of the Desert"

Waste Management of the Desert providing information on recycling solvents waste disposal, trash pickup, hazardous waste, recycling services.

"Web Productions, Inc"

Providing the highest standards of principal, professionalism & best available technology ,common sense solutions, to real world problems,

"Welcome to recyclingsystems"

Verio Domain Hosting: E-commerce solutions for you! DSL Access, Domain Name Registration. We''ll host your Web site on the Internet! Verio.

"Welcome to Waste Management Northwest Region"

The Northwest Region of Waste Management provides a wide range of essential solid waste management and recycling services for homes

"World Wide WebResults"

Energy Efficient Lighting, ballasts, electrical, lighting supplies, hazardous waste, recycling, solvents, ballasts, electricians, and maintenance.

"Worldwide Waste Services"

Worldwide Waste Services provides alternatives for hazardous waste management and waste minimization

"WRR Environmental Services"

It has gained us a reputation of providing common-sense solutions for our customer''s site remediation and waste management issues.

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