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"American Pollution Control Corporation"
specializes in emergency oil spill response, hazardous & toxic waste remediation, hazmat, asbestos & lead abatement.

"Aromatherapy & Reiki In Taiwan"

Aromatherapy Seminars - There Is 2 Aromatherapy Seminars A Year. One In April And Another In October. It Is A 4 Days Seminar Always On The 2nd And 4th Weekends. Saturday And Sunday. It Is Conducted In Mandarine-Chinese Language. It Has Been Ever Since 198

"Asbestos Environmental Engineering & Consulting"

Asbestos Environmental Engineering & Consulting - provides surveys, air monitoring, design, and training for property owners and contractors

"Assure International Technical Consultants."

Offers turnkey installation and relocation of refrigeration systems, lyophilizers, cold boxes and freezers, and the removal of CFC refrigerants.

"ATC Specialists, Inc."

ATC Specialists, Inc. manufacturer of mulit-refrigerant recovery, recycling, and charging equipment.

"Australian Refrigerant Recyclers Pty Ltd"

Australian Refrigerant Recyclers Pty Ltd Provides a Portable Refrigerant Recovery & Recycling Systems.

"Australian Refrigeration Recycling Systems Pty Ltd"

Australian Refrigeration Recycling Systems Pty Ltd provides Atmos-Refrigerant Recovery Recycling Equipment, CFC recovery, Reclaim

"Bowlin Enterprises"

Bowlin Enterprises provides smallest magnetic light tool and body shop equip to truck and auto lifts, freon refrigerent recycling

"Brock Enterprises, Inc."

services include painting, surface preparation, insulation, scaffolding, asbestos abatement, and lead abatement.

"C.F.C. Reclamation and Recycling Service, Inc"

Provides reclamation services and recovery/recycling systems for high and low pressure HVAC/R applications.

"CFC Refimax, Inc."

CFC Refimax, Inc. provides refrigerant and refrigerant reclamation services throughout the United States.

"Cryo Technologies"

Cryo Technologies is the preeminent supplier of helium purifiers, refrigerators, recycles process and liquefiers for all applications.

"Environmental Technologies Corporation"

Manufacturer of refrigerant recovery and recycling equipment for the automotive and HVAC/R markets.

"Full Circle Inc."

Full Circle is the largest ARI certified refrigerant reclamation company in the country. Offer customers a full range of services and products.

"Full Circle, Inc"

Full Circle is the largest ARI certified refrigerant reclamation company in the country. Offer customers a full range of services and products.

"Full Circle, Inc."

Full Circle is the largest ARI certified refrigerant reclamation company in the country. Offer customers a full range of services and products.

"H3R, Inc."

H3R, Inc. providers buying, recycling, or selling bulk halon and/or halon fire extinguishers.

"HazRad Services, Inc"

HazRad Services, Inc. - providing hazardous waste disposal, consulting, training and recycling services.

"HRP Refrigerants Limited"

HRP Refrigerants Ltd. with the objective of providing a complete refrigerant service to the refrigeration and air conditioning industry.

"Ibis Inc"

Ayurveda 2000 Conference -- Ayurveda 2000 Deals With Naturopathy, Chennai Health Care, Natural Healing, Natural Health Care, Naturopathy Which Is Scheduled To Be Held At Kamaraj Memorial Hall, Chennai (Madras), India On 28th , 29th & 30th Of Jan.

"Instant Pierce"

Instant Pierce is the only U.S. made refrigerant line puncturing tool that meets Asada''s stringent quality standards.

"JRS Appliance Disposal"

JRS Appliance Disposal Appliance Recycling Refrigerants. Shredded metals are shipped to a steel mill and recycled to produce new steel.

"Katec, Inc"

Aerosolv a system for removing residual liquids and aerosols from pressurizes cans for disposal, leaving the cans safe for recycling.

"Kelchner Environmental"

- specializes in environmental services including bioremediation, excavation and disposal, groundwater remediation, and hazardous waste removal

"Liberty Technology International"

Liberty Technology International specializes in mixed refrigerant, CFC, and fluorocarbon waste stream separation and reclamation.


Multimedia Environmental Technology, Inc. - address environmental issues related to hazardous and radioactive waste

"National Refrigeration Products"

Manufacturer of refrigerant recovery and recycling equipment, including small portable units and large industrial/commercial machines.

"op techenvironmental"

OP-TECH Environmental Services, Inc. - hazardous waste removal, emergency spill response, removal and installation of storage tanks

"Perfect Cycle Corporation"


"Polar Pumps Ltd"

Polar Pumps Ltd manufacturer and design systems to safety and cost effectively handle refrigerants.


Offers Packaging, Distribution & Sales of Virgin & Reclaimed Refrigerants. Reclamation, Recovery & Buy-Back of Used CFCs, HCFCs and HFCs.

"Refrigerant Management Services"

Refrigerant Management Services only refrigerant recovery center that is also a DOT approved cylinder requalifier in the state of Georgia.

"Refrigerant Supply Inc."

Refrigerant Supply Inc. Buys, Sells, Reclaims, and Recycles Refrigerants including all cfc, hfc hcfc,compounds.

"Refrigeration Supply Company, Inc."

Provides equipment, training, recycling and supplies in heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling to federal, state and local governments.

"RemTec International, Inc."

Provides coolant recycling, halon fire extinguishers, halon recovery, recycling halon, fire extinguisher, waste recycle.

"Rocky Mountain Reclamation"

Rocky Mountain Reclamation recycles, buys dirty refrigerants and also sells reclaimed refrigerants.

"Rocky Mountain Reclamation, Inc."

Rocky Mountain Reclamation, Inc. AN EPA CERTIFIED RECLAIMER Specializing in Refrigerant recycling and reclamation.

"RTI Technologies, Inc."

Manufacturer of A/C refrigerant recycling and recovery equipment, , wheel alignment systems, coolant service centers, strut spring compressors.

"Sterling Fluid Systems Group."

Sterling Fluid Systems Group. provides Refrigerant and Oil Charging, Refrigerant Recycling, Reclaim, and Supply etc.

"Swiss Munition Enterprise"

SM the innovative problem solver for ammunition, and fragmentation systems. Recycling and disposal of refrigeration and electronic equipment.

"The Foundation For Homoeopathic Research"

The Foundation For Homoeopathic Research (India) Invites Collaborators From World Over To Represent And Help Us Organising Homoeopathic Teaching In Their Respective Cities Or Countrie

"Total Reclaim Inc."

Services in refrigerant recovery, recycling of compressors and compresor lubricating oils, and scrap metal recycling.

"Triumvirate Environmental, Inc."

full service hazardous waste management firm serving the environmental needs of clients in the healthcare, higher education, research and development

"Van Steenburgh Engineering Laboratories, Inc."

Van Steenburgh Engineering Laboratories, Inc. providers and makers of refrigerant reclamation systems.

"World Environmental, Inc."

certified environmental contractor specializing in hazardous waste transportation and disposal.

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